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NovaWipes pads for use with Avenova Spray

NovaWipes pads for use with Avenova Spray

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  • Eyelid wipes specifically designed for use when applying Avenova.
  • SOFT! You'll find them perfect for use on irritated eyelids.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC! You can feel safe about using these wipes routinely without allergic reactions.
  • ABSORBENT! Multi-layer for maximum absorption.
  • Professionally woven, won't pull apart like cotton. Larger dimension than ordinary cotton rounds or cotton balls!

Soft, dry, absorbent, hypoallergenic wipes for use with Avenova. Easily wrap the dry wipe around your finger. Thin and woven, allowing easy application. Cotton fibers are notorious for getting stuck in eyes, on eyelashes (especially extensions), and on skin. Nova Wipes will not fray or leave cotton fibers in or on your eyes.

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