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Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops, 10-mL

Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops, 10-mL

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Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops are an efficient and effective solution for providing constant moisture for soft lenses, fluorosilicone acrylate lenses, and silicone acrylate gas permeable contact lenses. The rewetting drops are a safe way to prevent protein buildups on frequently used lenses. Also, Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops are made up of a formula that is considered thimerosal-free and sorbic acid-free. Patients should use this formula to moisten lenses and reduce discomfort that comes with wearing contacts throughout the day. The rewetting drops will also help to remove particular materials that may cause eye irritation and discomfort. Using these drops daily will help prevent the buildup of protein deposits on soft lenses that are used daily. The rewetting drops differ from many other Opti-Free solutions because they can be applied directly to the patient’s eye for immediate moisture and relief, where the multi-purpose solutions are to be used strictly to soak the lens by itself. The rewetting drops come in a portable packaging size that allows patients to carry them during the day. Now, it is simple to apply moisture to contacts at the most minor sign of discomfort. The correct application includes placing two drops directly into each eye and blinking 2-3 times to spread moisture throughout the eye. In order to avoid protein buildup on contact lenses follow these steps four times per day. Opti-Free strives to continue providing patients with the newest and most effective contact lens products on the market for dry and irritated eyes.


  • Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops are designed to take your contact lens comfort to the next level
  • Removes particles that cause irritation
  • Helps prevent deposit build-up
  • Provides a refreshing burst of moisture
  • For Use with all Silicone Hydrogel and other Soft Contact Lenses
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