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Twenty / Twenty Clean Sweep Mascara, Pitch Black, 10ml

Twenty / Twenty Clean Sweep Mascara, Pitch Black, 10ml

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Twenty/Twenty Clean Sweep Mascara in the shade Pitch Black is a cosmetic product designed to enhance and define your eyelashes. It comes in a 10ml tube, which contains the mascara formula.

The Clean Sweep Mascara is formulated to provide length, volume, and definition to your lashes. Its pitch black shade delivers intense color and helps accentuate your eyes. The mascara's brush is designed to separate and coat each individual lash, giving a fuller and more dramatic appearance.

To use the Twenty/Twenty Clean Sweep Mascara, simply remove the wand from the tube and carefully sweep it through your lashes from the base to the tips. You can apply multiple coats to build up the desired volume and length. The formula is designed to be long-lasting and smudge-resistant, allowing you to enjoy beautiful lashes throughout the day.


Hyaluronic acid: A humectant that can hold over 1,000 times its weight in water to help draw in moisture and plump the look of dry, dehydrated lashes

Biotin: A form of vitamin B that can promote stronger, thicker, and longer-looking lashes

Vitamin E: Potent antioxidant that works to nourish lashes while helping to fight off environmental damage

Did you know?

Many mascara formulas contain ingredients that can be harmful to eyes — including coal tar. Our ophthalmologist founder spent years painstakingly developing Clean Sweep to ensure it would be one of the cleanest and safest mascaras on the market, so you’ll never have to choose between defined lashes and healthy, comfortable eyes.

Our Promise

We’ll never use any of the following ingredients because of their ties to eye damage.

Glitter, Loose mineral powders or mica, Prostaglandins, Fragrance, Argireline, Acetyl hexapeptide-3, Acetyl hexapeptide-8, Benzalkonium chloride

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