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Twenty / Twenty Full Brows Tinted Gel for Fuller Eyebrows

Twenty / Twenty Full Brows Tinted Gel for Fuller Eyebrows

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Twenty/Twenty Full Brows Tinted Gel is a cosmetic product designed to enhance and define your eyebrows, giving them a fuller appearance. This gel is specifically formulated to provide color, hold, and shape to your brows, helping to achieve a more polished and groomed look.

The Full Brows Tinted Gel comes in various shades to match different brow colors and complement your overall complexion. The tinted formula adds depth and dimension to your brows, filling in any sparse areas and providing a more defined shape.

  • Ophthalmologist developed & tested
  • Flexible, non-crunchy formula that will not stiffen or flake into eyes
  • Thickens brows both instantly and over time by promoting brow growth
  • Covers grays without harsh permanent dye that risks ocular health
  • Free of polyacrylamide, paraffin waxes, beeswax and PVPs
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
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