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We Love Eyes

We Love Eyes - A.M. Eyelid Gel for fine lines, dark circles, & puffy eyes

We Love Eyes - A.M. Eyelid Gel for fine lines, dark circles, & puffy eyes

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Feed your fine lines, dark circles, & puffy eyes with Vit-A-Like™ active (mimics retinol) & other botanical actives that are supportive to the ocular surface & eyelid oil glands. Use for 30 days for initial results. 7.5mL 


Water-based with the goal of hydrating
Improves the appearance of fine lines, eye bags & dark circles
Safe for meibomian oil gland health (ideal for MGD & dry eyes)
Probiotic preservative system (ideal for eye care)


Moth Bean Extract - a powerful, natural botanical mimicker of retinol; encourages eyelid epithelial skin-cell turnover without compromising meibomian gland health.
Glucosyl Hesperidin - softens the appearance of dull, dark & swelling of under-eye circles by improving eyelid skin surface circulation.
Ptychopetalum / Pfaffia / Lilium Extract Complex - lipolytic effect for under eye bags; targets to strengthen & defend eyelid skin vascular walls.
Centella Asiatica Extract - anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamin C, A, B1 & B2, niacin, and carotene, which combine to brighten eyelid skin.
Evening Primrose Oil - a gamma-linoleic fatty acid that recharges the eyelid skin; ideal for replenishing dry eyes.
Kiwi Fruit Extract - rich in flavonoids, EFA (Essential Fatty Acids), and vitamin C & E to recharge stressed eyelid skin from makeup use.
Green Coffee Seed Extract - caffeine content targets eyelid skin surface circulation; high polyphenol content for powerful antioxidant effects.
Aloe Leaf Juice Powder - healing, moisturizing; anti-inflammatory properties for fatigued eyelid skin.
Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate - a probiotic preservative system that balances the biome of the eyelid area.

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